Nomex dust filter bags

Thickness: 1.8mm
Max. Operating Temperature Continuous/Surge : 204ºC - 240ºC

Technical Data

Material Nomex
Surface Treatment Singed, Calendered
Thickness 1.8mm

500 g/m2

Air Permeability 14m3/m2.min @200PA
Tensile Elongation (%) Warp MD ≤ 35% 
Tensile Elongation (%) Weft CD

≤ 40%

Tensile Strength (N/5CM) Warp MD 1000N
Tensile Strength (N/5CM) Weft CD 1200N
Thermal Shrinkage (%) at max continuous temp < 1.0%
Max. Operating Temperature Continuous/Surge 204ºC - 240ºC

Túi lọc bụi chịu nhiệt vải nomex AOG

Nomex dust filter bags

Use application:

Asphalt processing: fume and odor control, aggregate and dust conveying, dust extraction, and filtration
Chemicals processing: dryer bag houses in the pigment and  plastics industry
Minerals processing: dryer bag houses in the gypsum industry
Metals processing: high temperature process collectors for lead oxide
Power generation and incineration: fly ash handling collectors

Product description

Fiber content meta-aramid
Continuous operating temperature 200°C
Maximum surge temperature dry 240°C
Acid resistance: Fair
Alkali resistance: Good